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 We Deliver every type Application Needed

Medium Duty Commercial Trucks For Sale in Boston, MA

Isuzu Truck Dealer in Boston

Isuzu Box Trucks For Sale Near VT, NY, CT & NH

Reach Vans For Sale in Boston

Commercial Truck & Van Sales Near Connecticut & Vermont

Over 50 years ago, Joseph Salami, Sr opened Salami's Truck Center. Today, we're very proud to be Boston's only Isuzu dealership. 

Joseph Jr. manages the day to day operations, alongside longtime, loyal employees. Our commitment to our customers is our number one priority and is a big part of our success.  

We expanded to include the Isuzu franchise 10 years ago and our sales and parts departments have grown beyond Joe Sr.'s modest beginnings all those years ago. Thank You for over half a century of business and loyalty, on behalf of the Salami Family.

Joseph Salami, Sr.

& Joseph Salami, Jr.


With over 40 years of commercial truck sales experience, John Ciampaglia is prepared to answer all of your chassis and body questions with a phone call. Competitive pricing and a friendly, professional team will make your purchase simple. 

Call John  (781)645-2356


*Inventory Spotlight*


Isuzu Truck For Sale

 Landscape Industry! One of our favorites!

7 yrs ago we focused on the needs of this industry in New England. We found that the landscape industry really didn't know what was available to them with customized dump bodies. We work very close with Moroney Body in Worcester Ma. and Iroquois body Company in Vermont. Customized bodies can be built and mounted in 3-5 weeks. Our potential customers can speak with Moroney and finalize a body that fits their needs. We never mark up the body! Our goal is to have you 100% satisfied with the body you have built. We don't want any regrets with the equipment that will be part of your fleet for the next 15yrs.

                                                                                                   John Ciampaglia

Isuzu NPR Isuzu Trucks

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