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    We Deliver every type Application Needed

Medium Duty Commercial Trucks For Sale in Boston, MA

Isuzu Truck Dealer in Boston

Isuzu Box Trucks For Sale Near VT, NY, CT & NH

Reach Vans For Sale in Boston

Commercial Truck & Van Sales Near Connecticut & Vermont

Isuzu Dealer In Boston, Massachusetts

Cab and Chassis & Isuzu Vans For Sale

Isuzu Parts, Service & Truck Repair

We currently have a great selection of cab and chassis in every wheelbase! (See List Below)

Salami Isuzu is your dealer for commercial & medium duty trucks in Massachusetts, near Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire & New York, including Providence, Albany, New Haven & Manchester. Check out our great selection of cab and chassis & van trucks available today. We also offer premium truck repair & Isuzu parts. 

Call Us Toll Free at (888)471-3447





We talk price's right on the phone, we get to the deal quickly. We are strictly a Certified Isuzu Dealer Strictly committed to Isuzu!




We come to you with pricing in person or email! Real quick response, You can reach him 7 days a week.


   Call John 781-645-2356



We use expert venders for body up fits and have a great selection of Flatbeds, Racks, Rack Dumps, Steel and Aluminum Landscape bodies and your normal contractor Dumps.

We ship to specialty body companies including Hachney and Mickey body Co. for Plumbing, Electrical, and Beverage Bodies. 


We recently put deals together in Florida, Nebraska, Georgia, and California by diverting incoming chassis to body up fitters in those states saving customers thousands in freight charge's.







Van Trucks In Boston               

In Stock  Call 781-645-2356

2013 Isuzu NPR HD EFI Gas  16FT. Morgan Body W/Tuckaway P. Gate, Buy for only $41995. As Of 5-25-14

or Lease at $639.27 per month, 48 mos. Walkaway or purchase at end of  for $18445.54, 25000 miles per year. 14500GVW

For more info call 781-645-2356 for pricing as


Ask about: The new I-Lease Finance Program from Isuzu Finance.


Good Inventory of Chassis with all types of bodies in stock


                                                           .                  Call John Ciampaglia


Dear Customers,

           Salami Isuzu Trucks has been in business for over 50 years. It's something we are all very proud of. With Joseph Jr. managing the day to day operations you'll find Joe Sr. here Mon-Thurs. We still have loyal employees that have been with us for over 30yrs. We took on the Isuzu Franchise 9 yrs ago and our sales department has always finished among the top 5 dealers in New England. Our parts department has doubled its volume since 2009. Our commitment to our customers is a big part of our success.  Thank You from the Salami Family!!!

                                                        Joseph Salami Sr.

                                                 Joseph Salami Jr.


Isuzu Truck For Sale

 Landscape Industry! One of our favorites!

7 yrs ago we focused on the needs of this industry in New England. We found that the landscape industry really didn't know what was available to them with customized dump bodies. We work very close with Moroney Body in Worcester Ma. and Iroquois body Company in Vermont. Customized bodies can be built and mounted in 3-5 weeks. Our potential customers can speak with Moroney and finalize a body that fits their needs. We never mark up the body! Our goal is to have you 100% satisfied with the body you have built. We don't want any regrets with the equipment that will be part of your fleet for the next 15yrs.

                                                                                                   John Ciampaglia

Isuzu NPR

A Company Goal

We try to make the buying process easy and quickly informative. We want you to come to our website and get a good idea of what your cost will be. The prices we post are all selling prices. All dealers conduct business differently and have systems in place their satisfied with. I frequently visit every Isuzu dealer in New England's website's. The most common thing I find listed with each truck is "request a quote" or "call for a price". That's something I just don't agree with. I feel if a busy company owner is sitting at a computer any evening he or she should be able to get an idea of what a new truck will cost. I have 30yrs exp. selling trucks in New England and find this system very comfortable. I'm not saying other dealers are wrong but I find my system more informative to a potential buyer and saves time, phone calls, and emails.

                                                                        John Ciampaglia

Isuzu Trucks

Visit our Isuzu exclusive site.

99% Financing Available


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