Thinking of Buying or Leasing a New (unused) Isuzu N-Series Truck? NOW IS THE TIME!!!!

OFFER EXPIRES 12/31/2016

Stackable with most programs, this assistance is valid on all new and unused 2014 - 2017 model year N-Series gas or diesel trucks and Reach Vans, retail and delivered, in ICS, to a customer between July 1 and December 31, 2016. Call John Ciampaglia today to find out how to take advantage of this offer!!

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With over 40 years of commercial truck sales experience, John Ciampaglia is prepared to answer all of your chassis & body questions with a phone call.  Competitive pricing and a friendly, professional team will make your purchase simple! Choose from over 40 Gas + Diesel Chassis, always in stock!

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The Landscape Industry: One of our favorites!

We found through experience in the New England area, the landscape industry was unaware of the variety of bodies available to meet their specific requirements. We have a close relationship with many body companies who will work with you to tailor a body to your individual needs.  Our goal is to have you 100% satisfied with the truck & body you choose.